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What's the Hold-up Now?

What's the Hold-up Now?
I "re"-launched this site with the intent of pulling the 49 out of mothballs to finish...well Rambo my 13 year old Black Lab needed an expensive emergency surgery that put a hold on those plans.  
Realistically the 49 will need 15-20k to finish as planned, not in the budget this year and I'm just sick of not having something to go have some fun in.     
So,     Just this last week I picked up a 51 Hornet Sedan "Rat-Rod" that I can tinker and drive this Summer with absolutely no plans to restore. 
I'll decide over the winter what to do with it and see how finances are with the 49. More Pics Coming Soon~Really! 
I've added a blog so will use that to keep updates on the 49 and 51 
Take Care 

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